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Arduino and LCD4884 shield

This was another shield that grabbed my attention, this LCD was used on older nokia phones. Its fairly low cost and is a 48×48 display. It is able to display English, Chinese, even images. It also integrates a 5 DOF joystick. The LCD also has backlight capabilities.




Various links including the Arduino library are at the bottom of this article

The example below initiliases the display, clears the screen and the displays some text. Method 1 uses constants for the x and y positions, method 2 hard codes these values. As you can see there is a function called lcd.LCD_write_string that displays text on the screen

I have tested this on an Arduino UNO


#include “LCD4884.h”

#define MENU_X 1
#define MENU_Y 1

void setup()

lcd.LCD_write_string(MENU_X, MENU_Y, “test screen 1”, MENU_HIGHLIGHT );
lcd.LCD_write_string(1, 3, “test screen 2”, MENU_HIGHLIGHT );

void loop()


Download Link

Amazon US link – SainSmart Graphic LCD4884 Shield for Arduino

Amazon UK link – ATmega2560 + Graphic LCD4884 Shield for Arduino

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