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DIY LED board

by iainhendry71

One of the best thing you can do when learning to create sketches is to create a custom LED board. Using this you can create many simple examples to help you learn.

In our example its a case of 8 LEDs and their corresponding resistors, these can be connected to the pins of the Arduino.

Here is a layout using Fritzing (a great tool for visual mockups)

8 LED example

8 LED example

Now here is our sample which I roughly made on eurocard.

eurocard 8 led

eurocard 8 led

Here is a partslist

Amount Part Type Properties
8 Red LED – 5mm package 5 mm [THT]; leg yes; color Red (633nm)
1 Arduino Uno (Rev3) type Arduino UNO (Rev3)
8 220 Ω Resistor package THT; tolerance ±5%; bands 4; resistance 220Ω; pin spacing 400 mil

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