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A generic C8051F340 Development Board

This is a C8051F340 development board that I purchased for developing examples on this site.

The board has two LEDs and three buttons , there is a standard DB9 (Rs232) type connecter and there is also a Micro SD socket on the board.

There are several ways you can power the board, these are :

1) It can be powered using the USB port;
2) An External 5V power supply ;
3) Development board power supply by JTAG simulator which connects to J6 .

There are two rows of header pins which bring out all of the pins of the microcontroller so you can easily connect dupont style cables from the development board to external devices such as sensors, LCDs, and other modules

As stated earlier there is a 10 pin socket on the board where you can plug in a low-cost programmer which you can use to program the board.

I also purchased a low-cost debugger that I could use with this board and other similar ones

The U-EC6 is a C8051F MCU USB interface debugger that can be used for the MCU simulation, debugging, download, encryption, and support for C8051F Full range of Microcontrollers.
Fully compatible with the USB Debug Adapter Silabs and EC3 / EC5 / EC6 debugger.
Support Keil, Silabs IDE, IAR, and other IDE’s. Supports the new Chinese software, and various other software Silabs tools, such as FLASH Utility Programmer, Product Programmer, and so on. I have tested this with Silabs IDE and Keil.
Can achieve single-step, continuous single step, breakpoint, stop/run, supports inspection and modification of registers and memory.
Stand by JTAG And C2 Mode debugging, support for up to 4 Breakpoints. In the new version of Keil, it can support up to 5 Breakpoints.
The firmware is upgradeable , HID device driver-free , plug and play.

Support WIN XP, WIN7 and also works on Windows 10.


You can get both of these for under $15 – so an easy low cost introduction to microcontrollers

Name Link
C8051F340 Development Board C8051F340 Development Board
C8051F MCU emulator C8051F MCU emulator downloader U-EC6 EC6 Enterprise Edition

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