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A look at the EX-F34x-Q48 Development Board

In this article, we look at another development board option that we purchased for 8051 development. This time it is a EX-F34x-Q48 from waveshare and it is designed to support the C8051F340

This is what this board looks like




Powered from the mini USB port or 5V DC jack, configured via an onboard switch
JTAG/C2 interface for programming/debugging
mini USB interface
Ther is BUS-A & BUS-B 10 pin interfaces, for connecting to the expansion board DVK501 which is also sold by waveshare
Reset button used to reset the system
Power indicator LED
There is a jumper for selecting on board 12M crystal or custom crystal mounted via the socket
All the C8051F340 I/O pins are accessible on the expansion connectors

The board comes with a CD with software, drivers, and examples. There is a pdf schematic and there are C examples for Silabs IDE and Keil


Again this board worked with the following low-cost debugger

The U-EC6 is a C8051F MCU USB interface debugger that can be used for the MCU simulation, debugging, download, encryption, and support for C8051F Full range of Microcontrollers.
Fully compatible with the USB Debug Adapter Silabs and EC3 / EC5 / EC6 debugger.
Support Keil, Silabs IDE, IAR, and other IDE’s. Supports the new Chinese software, and various other software Silabs tools, such as FLASH Utility Programmer, Product Programmer and so on. I have tested this with the Silabs IDE and Keil IDEs.
Can achieve single-step, continuous single step, breakpoint, stop/run, supports inspection and modification of registers and memory.
Stand by JTAG And C2 Mode debugging, support for up to 4 Breakpoints. In the new version of Keil, it can support up to 5 Breakpoints.
The firmware is upgradeable, HID device driver-free, plug, and play.

This supports WIN XP, WIN7 and I have also tested this on Windows 10.


The board comes in around $20

Name Link
EX-F34x-Q48 C8051F340 8051 C8051F34x series Evaluation Development Board Kit
C8051F MCU emulator C8051F MCU emulator downloader U-EC6 EC6 Enterprise Edition

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