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A quick look at the Rich shield for the Arduino

by iainhendry71

This Rich Shield for the Arduino has many useful components onboard such as LED’s, buttons and a buzzer. It is easy and great for learning arduino development and programming

This is the shield with a little remote control

It also leads out two I2C ports for you to connect various I2C devices such as DS1307 RTC, I2C 1602 LCD and a wide variety of sensors. There is also a UART port for to connect serial control device such as a serial MP3 player, serial Bluetooth, serial wifi, serial 125k RFID.

Parts List

Rich Shield + IR Remote with Infrared Receiver LED Buzzer Button Light Sensor Temperature Sensor 24C02 EEPROM for Arduino UNO R3

List of devices/features

2 push buttons
4 LEDS – 4 different colours
Infrared Reciever
DHT11 temperature sensor
Passive buzzer
4 digit LED display driven by a TM1637

Here are some project ideas for you:

Switch LEDs on and off
Switch an LED on or off using an LDR
Play sounds using the buzzer
Knob control LED brightness
Temperature measurement and display using DHT11
Voltage measurement and display
Temperature and humidity measurement using thermistor
Infrared remote control
Use the 24C02 EEPROM to store and read settings

You can connect I2C devices such as temperature sensors and create projects with them as well


– Standard Arduino expansion board interface, compatible with Arduino UNO, OPEN-SMART UNO R3, Arduino MEGA2560 and or arduino compatible boards;
– Operating voltage: 3.3V – 5.5V
– Operating current: 100mA (MAX)
– EEPROM size: 2K bit(256Byte)

We will have several examples for this board, there is a library from the manufacturer

Here is the schematic, the one flaw I have seen is that unlike a couple of other beginner shields there are no markings beside the devices on the shield to say what pins that the devices use


Description Pin
Potentiometer A0
NTC temperature sensor A1
Light dependent resistor A2
voltage sensor A3
Infrared reciever D3
Buzzer D4
KEY0 (K1) D9
KEY1 (K2) D10
CLK (TM1637) D11
DIO (TM1637) D12
DHT11 D13



Rich Shield Schmatic

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