B4R Arduino TM1637 7 segment display example

A few of the code examples and projects on this site use modules containing the Tm1638 driver chip, I was interested in this one which is the TM1637 which appears to be a more basic version which can only control a display, the other one can also control LEDs, buttons and two displays at the same time.

This is a common anode 4-digit tube display module which uses the TM1637 driver chip; Only 2 connections are required to control the 4-digit 8-segment displays

Here is the module

Features of the module

  • Display common anode for the four red LED
  • Powered supply by 3.3V/5V
  • Four common anode tube display module is driven by IC TM1637
  • Can be used for Arduino devices, two signal lines can make the MCU control 4 8 digital tube. Digital tube 8 segment is adjustable

Here is how to hook the module up


Code Example

Library is available from here – https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/tm1637-4-digits-display.67733/

This is the examples

Sub Process_Globals
Public Serial1 As Serial
Private tm As TM1637Display
Private timer1 As Timer
End Sub
Private Sub AppStart
tm.Initialize(2, 3)
timer1.Initialize("timer1_Tick", 1000)
timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub
Sub Timer1_Tick
tm.ShowNumberDec2(Millis / 1000, True, 4, 0)
End Sub


4 Bits Digital Tube LED Display Module With Clock Display TM1637 for Arduino Raspberry PI FZ1435