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Generate a QR code with an Arduino

In this example we will show how to generate a QR code, all of the hard graft is done in a library


Install https://github.com/ricmoo/QRCode

This is the default example

[codesyntax lang=”cpp”]

 *  QRCode
 *  A quick example of generating a QR code.
 *  This prints the QR code to the serial monitor as solid blocks. Each module
 *  is two characters wide, since the monospace font used in the serial monitor
 *  is approximately twice as tall as wide.

#include "qrcode.h"

void setup() {

    // Start time
    uint32_t dt = millis();
    // Create the QR code
    QRCode qrcode;
    uint8_t qrcodeData[qrcode_getBufferSize(3)];
    qrcode_initText(&qrcode, qrcodeData, 3, 0, "HELLO WORLD");
    // Delta time
    dt = millis() - dt;
    Serial.print("QR Code Generation Time: ");

    // Top quiet zone

    for (uint8_t y = 0; y < qrcode.size; y++) {

        // Left quiet zone
        Serial.print("        ");

        // Each horizontal module
        for (uint8_t x = 0; x < qrcode.size; x++) {

            // Print each module (UTF-8 \u2588 is a solid block)
            Serial.print(qrcode_getModule(&qrcode, x, y) ? "\u2588\u2588": "  ");



    // Bottom quiet zone

void loop() {





Open the serial monitor – this is what you should see




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